We are a full-service NFT studio.

Minting an NFT is a multi-step process as complex and exciting as any product launch. The NFT space is a community like no other. Success depends on understanding its nuances as well as the nuances of your brand and mission. That’s where Archetype NFT comes in. We’re passionate members of the NFT movement. We’re made up of developers, artists, and marketing professionals ready to carve out your niche in the NFT realm. We have the capacity to handle projects large and small. Whether you’ve worked with NFT and crypto before or you’re totally new to the space, we can launch your project and ensure its triumph.

We help brands enter the NFT space and become a recognizable part of the community and movement.

Our Services

Marketing & Strategy

An NFT isn’t just a product to be marketed. Launching an NFT is in itself part of modern marketing strategy. It’ll allow you to tap into the crypto world and connect with a new audience all across the metaverse. Thousands of brands are joining the NFT space every day. In order to stand out, you have to approach your NFT not just as a digital asset but as a hype-generating project. That’s why we take a big-picture approach to NFT marketing.  

All-Encompassing Launch Plan

Our bespoke approach is all about generating buzz in the lead-up through the right channels, including social media, Discord, influencer-marketing, and partnership-building. We utilize both mainstream and niche strategies to get the word out to the right people.  

NFT Micro-Trends & Hype Marketing

The NFT space moves at breakneck speed, and staying ahead of the trends is the only way to avoid failure. Attempting to copy someone else’s style or strategy is an easy way to lose the community’s respect. We’re embedded in the movement, and we understand the value of innovation.

Tokenomics & Engagement

We’ll come up with a roadmap tailored to engage users and keep them holding. Crafting milestones based on rewards, like raffles, and NFT art that is gamified in itself, we can keep your users engaged and your NFT’s value high. 

Art & Design

The key to creating an NFT that stands out is choosing art that appeals to tomorrow’s zeitgeist. As with any product launch, developing a successful NFT is about looking toward the future and identifying gaps in the market. We can work with your team or connect you with artists to develop innovative art that will make your NFT launch a success. 

  • Generative art for large collections
  • Hand-curated art for a small collection
  • Diverse art styles (pixel, 3d, illustration, and more)
  • Animation
  • Branding & logo design
  • Gamified Art

Community Building

Digital communities are the backbone that supports the blockchain. Focusing on community building is the most effective way of marketing an NFT. A thriving community guarantees profitability. See how we can help you build your community and market your NFT. 

  • Setup Discord servers
  • Creation of exclusive Holders’ Access channels
  • Community + volunteer management
  • Community-oriented social media management
  • Strategic partnerships + influencer outreach

Dev & Deployment

From the basics of smart contract setup to complex security testing, our developers can create the best tech solutions for your NFT. Each project requires slightly different expertise, but our team members have a wide range of specialties for any situation. 

  • Smart contract development
  • Integration with NFT marketplaces (OpenSea, Rarible, etc.) 
  • Front and backend development for your mint website
  • Testing + security
  • Program/script development

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About Us

Archetype NFT consists of advertising, design, and tech professionals with decades of combined experience. We’ve come together as a full-service boutique NFT agency and we’re ready to create your NFT project from scratch. 

What ties us together is our love of the metaverse and our enthusiasm for the opportunities that the blockchain presents. Each one of us understands the immense potential of NFTs to revolutionize the way brands, artists, celebrities, and influencers engage with their audience online. 

Contact Us


Yes! If you already have art in mind, we’d be open to minting it as an NFT. We can help with any step of the NFT deployment process, from initial development and minting to marketing, community management, and strategy. 

However, we’ll only do this if we believe that your art can add something to the NFT space. Contact us with your idea, and we’ll let you know if we think it has the potential to succeed. 

Our rates are competitive, but they also depend on the scale of your project. Every NFT launch is different, and we’re often open to negotiating rates based on a commission percentage of NFT sales. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote. 

Yes! We can generate large collections.  

Each project is a little different, but at a minimum, we can bring your NFT to life within two months. We already have the artists, designers, and developers needed to create an NFT launch quickly, so no time is wasted on assembling a team. 

Even so, it’s important that we take the time to analyze the market and to get to know your brand, so we can formulate a winning NFT strategy for you. Contact us with your ideas, and we’ll be happy to give you an idea of the timeline your project needs.